About us

The Orpheus is a mixed choir of about 40 people of all ages. We share a love of singing in a group and each year perform 3 concerts as well as a ‘Come and Sing‘. 


We were founded in 1929, playing a significant role in the musical life of Preston. Our archive page has information on how we have developed and moved through the last 90 years, and links to YouTube give a good idea of the concerts we have given over the last few years.


Our music directors have all developed our music skills, giving help with vocal techniques and guidance on learning individual parts. The range of music is extremely varied, from Bach to Britten, oratorio to folk, anthems and carols. Each genre gives us a chance to experience music making in different ways for personal and public enjoyment. There are times when we start a new piece and think ‘I can’t do this!’, but we always do, and the sense of achievement is really exciting, especially when shared with others.


We welcome new members at any point in the season (September to June) and encourage anyone who likes music to try and experience a rehearsal and meet the group. You will have any help needed and hopefully become part of the family. We celebrate significant events such as big birthdays, anniversaries, and also share in a Choir meal at the end of each season.


Please get in touch via the contact page if you have any questions about the choir – our Secretary, will be happy to help.

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