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We rehearse on Tuesday evenings at St Pius X Catholic Preparatory School, 200 Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 8RD (Map).


So, what happens at a rehearsal? We start at 7.30pm and we’re led by our Music Director, Dan Adams, with the aid of our accompanist, Paul Greenhalgh. Dan takes us through a short vocal warm-up to get us ready to sing then, guided by Dan, with the help of Paul, we work through the music we’re learning. Sometimes we sight-read, sometimes we note-bash – it all depends on how Dan thinks we’re doing on whatever piece we’re tackling. We work on until about 8.30pm when we have a 15 minute break for a breather, a chat and a raffle. We resume at around 8.45pm and finish at 9.30pm.


We’re encouraged to work though music at home in between rehearsals and resources are available to help with this.


If you’re interested in joining us but would like to “try before you buy”, why not give our “3 for free” offer a go? Come along to 3 rehearsals free of charge before you make up your mind one way or the other. We’ll make sure you’re looked after by someone who sings the same voice part as you and if you’re not sure what that voice part is, don’t worry, we’ll sort that out for you!


Have a look at some of our videos and see if it's the sort of music you'd like to sing. Then, if you’re planning on coming along, please let us know by using this contact form – that way we can make sure we’ve got copies of the music for you.


After your 3 free rehearsals, if you decide to join us, subscriptions are £120 for a full year, pro-rata for half a year, with a variety of flexible payment options.

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